Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Blurbs....and a 12 week old!!!

    This week has went by fast! On Tuesday, we took Shannon for a check up...those used to be frustrating when we used a pediatrician, but now that we use a family Dr. (whom we love, btw), it's a breeze. So glad that we found someone that we like, who isn't going to turn around and leave the practice or the area. That has happened alot with the kids' pediatric office. The new Dr. is great!!!
Shannon also turned 12 weeks today! She is getting so big!!! She is trying to sit up, so cute!

  We also took some time to visit our local wildlife area that has finally reopened..YAY!! We didn't see many alligators, but here is what we saw:

  The kids, especially Jacob, are very happy that the refuge has opened back up. The hiking trails appear to still be closed, so that was a bummer. But, we still had some fun!

  We have a few projects around the house that need to be worked on this weekend....hoping that the weather will cool off...I shouldn't hold my breath,lol. And the usual errands, like grocery shopping, need to be done. I am thinking of going ahead and tackling that this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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