Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordful Wednesday...Playing Catch Up

   So, instead of Wordless Wednesday, this is going to be a Wordful one.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did! There has been a lot going on around here. Too much in fact.
   For starters, Handsome Man has a new job! An new adventure has begun with this new job...many prayers are needed and appreciated.
   The kids have managed to stay relatively well, except for a few sniffles, thank goodness. I need to order some berrywell from this great site. Hope they aren't out of stock...I have also thought of just ordering whole elderberries from here. I guess I need to get on the ball.
   I am hoping to get some sewing done in the next few days....Shannon needs a Christmas stocking....I can't believe that Christmas is about here. I also have to buy her an ornament...This year has flown by so fast and my baby is growing to fast....she is already 6 months old.
   Also, my camera has finally bit the I need to save up for a new one....I am not sure what to get this time around...any suggestions? Time to get some chores done around here, so by for now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Follow Me....

I have finally went over to see what all the fuss is about. I have to admit, it's pretty neat. So, if you like what you see, follow me:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Week So Far....

 This week is going by sort of slow. We are reviewing as far as school is going. I have the pleasure of teaching 3 children this year...though I am not going to be working all that hard with Kevin. He is still a little guy. But he is very eager to learn. I love when he says "teach me to count, Mama". It warms my heart. I could just eat him up...though as dirty as he gets, he wouldn't taste very good, lol.

Always a ham for the camera!

And because I have nothing else to write, I give you pictures!!!

Smiling for big brother

Wordless Wednesday...Sisters

Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Blurbs....and a 12 week old!!!

    This week has went by fast! On Tuesday, we took Shannon for a check up...those used to be frustrating when we used a pediatrician, but now that we use a family Dr. (whom we love, btw), it's a breeze. So glad that we found someone that we like, who isn't going to turn around and leave the practice or the area. That has happened alot with the kids' pediatric office. The new Dr. is great!!!
Shannon also turned 12 weeks today! She is getting so big!!! She is trying to sit up, so cute!

  We also took some time to visit our local wildlife area that has finally reopened..YAY!! We didn't see many alligators, but here is what we saw:

  The kids, especially Jacob, are very happy that the refuge has opened back up. The hiking trails appear to still be closed, so that was a bummer. But, we still had some fun!

  We have a few projects around the house that need to be worked on this weekend....hoping that the weather will cool off...I shouldn't hold my breath,lol. And the usual errands, like grocery shopping, need to be done. I am thinking of going ahead and tackling that this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Happenings.....

I'm back! The month of July is always a busy month for us..2 of our children have birthdays, Kevin and Rhiannon. Kevin turned 3 and Rhiannon is the ripe old age of 7! They are growing up way too fast.
They were fighting over the cake and some of the side came off.... We broke tradition and went with a store bought cake instead of homemade...I think they were a little too excited about that!!!
Rhiannon wanted cupcakes, so we didn't do the candle in no pic for that.

Jacob is also growing like a weed...I keep having to buy this kid jeans and shoes every two months!!! Kinda scary....
And Ms. Shannon is growing just about as fast as her biggest brother! But, we all know this is what they bittersweet.

We are finishing up school for the current year. I am still trying to decide whether or not to stay with our current curriculum. I like it, it is just time consuming and I am not sure whether or not it is going to work out with the kids being older and having a newborn. We shall see.
As far as the big news about the job opportunity, we are staying put for the moment. That brings both joy and sadness. We are sad that we have to wait a little while longer before we can move, but happy to be able to stay around family a little longer.

Friday, July 1, 2011

6 weeks!!!!

These last few weeks have flown by....there is so much going on around here. First of all, Shannon is 6 weeks old today!!! She is sooo sweet and we are so glad to have her. The big kids adore her, especially Jacob. He is so sweet with her. It  makes my heart melt. Love it!!!

We are also contemplating a job change for my husband that would mean a super huge move and really big changes for the family. We are super excited about this and hope it works out. So much prayer is going into this. Will update when there is more news, hopefully soon.

We have a lot to do this weekend , not even counting it being the weekend of the 4th.
We are going to clean out the garage tomorrow with the help of some wonderful friends. Thank GOD for them. They are such good friends to give up a Saturday to help us. 

On a home school note, it has to be done and we back from our break...hard to get back into the swing of things. It is also time to go through the kids clothes to weed out what is outgrown...sometimes that can be a chore when one of the children is attached to a particular shirt( I will not name names,lol).

Hopefully, we will make it into town to see some of the fun going on this weekend. Work before play though.

Hope everyone has a good and safe weekend!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

4 Weeks Already????

Has it really been four weeks since this sweet baby arrived on the scene? It is so bittersweet already...

She has her big brothers wrapped around her tiny little fingers already!! Her big sister is so excited to have a sister and is loving every minute of it (as you can imagine).

We are finishing up the current school year and preparing for the next. We pretty much school all year, with about a full month off in the summer..that month being July.

It has been really hot here lately and we finally had a good rain Wednesday night that brought some relief...YAY!!! Hopefully, we will be able to get to some much need yardwork this weeked. Jacob is now old enough to help with mowing, so he is a big help to his dad. I hope I remember to break out the camera for that one....Kevin likes to follow in with his bubble cute!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

I had to snap this is sooo adorable! He isn't taking to many naps anymore and I couldn't pass this opportunity up!! He just lay down in the floor and conked out....with the idea why he loves it so.

Off to visit family this weekend so we won't get anything done around the house tomorrow....not much time left to prepare for the new one on it's way and we can't wait!!!

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not alot going on around here...just catching up on school work. Today we are focusing on math. Math is not the favorite subject in this house...but it has to be taught.
Weather wise it has cooled off by about 20 degrees since yesterday...only about 70 today and rainy. It feels alot better today. Way to hot for April yesterday...the high was around 91! Yikes!!! I can't post any new pics until I find the adaptor that goes to the memory is MIA!!! Hopefully, I will find it soon. It has to be somewhere, lol!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Blog Post....

A crying 2 yr old....oldest can't find his reading book...dear sweet daughter has another headache....maybe my blog name should be tear, crumbs and chaos...

older pic at left....Kevin has since had a haircut...much to his grandmothers dismay...

Off to help Jacob find his reader....lets see how long it takes to find it, lol!
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