Saturday, April 20, 2013

Waiting for Popcorn....

Last night while the kids watched a movie, I did the typical mom thing and made popcorn. Shannon realizes what I am doing and runs to the kitchen at lightning speed....wish that I would have gotten that on camera.
Oh, the excitement!

She can't contain herself!!

Of course, she then realized that I had the camera out...such a ham. I have no clue what she is doing here..
She is sooo much fun!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Back in February our sweet dog Lulu had puppies....YIKES!!

A boy and a girl. After much debate, we finally settled on names: Milo and Molly.

Now, at 8 weeks old, they seem so big...because they are!


Where Have We Been????

    Ok, so I'm really, really, really bad about keeping up with posts on this blog. Life has so much going on and I truly forget to snap pictures of it. We have been doing the usual....schoolwork, chores, enjoying this wonderful weather.

    Over the weekend, we visited family for Easter. The kids had lots of fun with their cousins.


 We also went skating yesterday, that was FUN!!! I should have taken pictures...


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